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Exclusive experiences in the heart of Puglia 5
Exclusive experiences in the heart of Puglia 6
Exclusive experiences in the heart of Puglia 7
Exclusive experiences in the heart of Puglia 8

Exclusive experiences in the heart of Puglia

Let yourself be enchanted by the enveloping atmosphere of Masseria Rauccio, a special place, immersed in nature, where every moment holds unique emotions. Rediscover ancient and authentic flavors, let yourself be seduced by fascinating landscapes and get lost among the wonders of tradition. Masseria Rauccio invites you to live exclusive experiences, for a stay that will fill your eyes with beauty.

Events in the courtyard

In the cozy and typical courtyard of our masseria, among the characteristic illuminations, the typical apulian evening comes to life. A unique opportunity to experience local customs and unmistakable traditions to the overwhelming rhythm of the pizzica and enjoy typical flavors with communal tables, chats, laughter.

Cooking class

Immerse yourself in the secrets of Apulian cuisine with our exclusive cooking class. Our guests will have the opportunity to learn about local culinary traditions, guided by experienced chefs, using fresh, authentic ingredients. A unique sensory experience, experienced in one of the ancient rooms of the Masseria, where history and traditions meet. Delight your palate with delicious dishes and create unforgettable memories in a cozy and authentic atmosphere. Our cooking class is a gastronomic journey through the genuine flavors of Puglia, an invitation to share the table with your heart.

Sunset by the pool

Experience the magic of a sunset aperitif at Masseria Rauccio's pool. An exclusive event dedicated to our guests, where the atmosphere is tinged with warm colors as the sun sinks into the Apulian horizon. Be lulled by the evening breeze and immerse yourself in an unparalleled gastronomic and musical experience, an ode to the beauty of Puglia blended with the refined hospitality of Masseria Rauccio.

Picnic among the pine trees

Experience the enchantment of nature with our exclusive picnic in the picturesque pine forest of Masseria Rauccio. An event reserved for our guests, where the greenery envelops a moment of pure relaxation. Enjoy carefully prepared local delicacies while soaking in the refreshing shade of centuries-old trees. A unique experience, where the tranquility of the pine forest blends with the authenticity of Apulian flavors, creating unforgettable memories in an atmosphere of serenity and hospitality.

Pizzica lesson

Discover the soul of Puglia with our engaging Salento Pizzica classes. An event dedicated to our guests, where passion and tradition intertwine in a whirlwind of rhythm and dance. Led by local teachers, dive into the culture of Pizzica, exploring the overwhelming movements of this traditional dance. In a vibrant and authentic atmosphere, you will have an unforgettable experience, celebrating the joy of Salento music and dance.

Wine Tasting

Explore the secrets of wine in the historic halls of Masseria Rauccio. An exclusive event for our guests, where ancient walls tell stories and wine is harmoniously intertwined. Savor fine, carefully selected local wines as you soak in the Masseria's enveloping atmosphere. Share a glass in a unique tasting experience, where the Apulian wine tradition harmonizes with Masseria Rauccio's hospitality, giving you a sensory journey through the best wines of the region.

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