Masseria in Salento

In 16th-century Salento, the inhabitants of Roca Vecchia—with the backing of the King of Naples and Antonio II Ricci, Bishop of Lecce—commenced construction of a new farmhouse, called Roca Nuova, designed to offer refuge after escaping from the Turkish invasion along the coast.

In the vicinity of this uninhabited village, with the typical structure of a Masseria with a central courtyard, stands Masseria Rauccio, whose east side dates back to the construction of Roca Nuova. This area includes the buildings of the restaurant, bakery and kitchen, the exterior of which retain the original masonry façade.

Dating back the early-1900s is the nucleus of the court to the south that surrounds the inner courtyard and delimits its perimeter.

The shade of the eucalyptus trees falls on the complex to the west, built shortly before the mid-20th century, completing the definitive structure of the Masseria, the stables of which were enlarged in the same period. Renovations began in 2017. Maintaining the original features typical of the building constructed throughout various periods has rendered the current Masseria Rauccio a structure that blends the history, culture and flavours of Salento ready to welcome you.


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