Masseria in Salento

Scents of sea and of countryside can do a really rare fascination (enchantment) in this corner of Apulia, this is Salento and here is Masseria Rauccio with his wonderful garden.

The enchanting location is the perfect fusion of local heritage and polished hospitality.

Masseria Rauccio’s building was back to the 17th century, so it is one of the oldest structures in this area.

At Masseria Rauccio can you feel the spirit of this land and its ancient tradition. We keep old building embellishing it with elements and furnishings in the classic Apulian style. 

We have rooms recovered in the old mangers, old stone oven and the farmer's manor house.

A traditional Salento garden enclose the structure and a beautiful relax-area whit an infinity pool and its garden is awesome.

At restaurant you can feel the real Salento taste so your experience here can be unforgettable.


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