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Masseria in Puglia with pool

Masseria Rauccio, framed by the majestic beauty of Salento, welcomes its guests to a unique setting, offering not only a haven of relaxation but also an enchanting swimming pool that complements the tranquil atmosphere.

Masseria Rauccio's swimming pool is a hidden gem, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding Salento landscape. Guests can relax in the sun or take a refreshing swim, surrounded by peace and serenity.

Strategically located in the grounds of the masseria, the pool becomes a place for gathering and contemplation, where guests can enjoy moments of pure relaxation under the Salento sun.

Enjoy a vacation at Masseria Rauccio in Puglia with a swimming pool

With its swimming pool as the focal point of relaxation, Masseria Rauccio offers an unforgettable vacation experience in the heart of Salento. Every detail, from traditional architecture to modern amenities, is designed to meet the needs of guests seeking authenticity and well-being.

Discover Masseria Rauccio's infinity pool, ideal for enjoying a few moments of relaxation in the heart of the Salento countryside. The property offers you the chance to enjoy a cool cocktail by the pool for an immersion in total relaxation.

Discover the pool at Masseria Rauccio in Puglia

Choose Masseria Rauccio for a unique experience of staying in Salento, with a pool that perfectly complements the surrounding natural beauty. Book now and treat yourself to a relaxing break in this charming oasis of tranquility.

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